Article-MOSAIC: a web-interface for statistical analyses in ecotoxicology

14 mai 2018
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MOSAIC, une interface internet pour les analyses statistiques en écotoxicologie. Article paru dans Environmental Science and Pollution Research, April 2018, Volume 25, Issue 12, pp 11295–11302

In ecotoxicology, bioassays are standardly conducted in order to measure acute or chronic effects of potentially toxic substances on reproduction, growth, and/or survival of living animals. MOSAIC, standing for MOdeling and StAtistical tools for ecotoxICology, is a user-friendly web interface dedicated to the mathematical and statistical modelling of such standard bioassay data. Its simple use makes MOSAIC a turnkey decision-making tool for ecotoxicologists and regulators. Without wasting time on extensive mathematical and statistical technicalities, users are provided with advanced and innovative methods for a valuable quantitative environmental risk assessment.