Empowering Citizen Science

5 octobre 2017
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Promouvoir la limnologie auprès du grand public, la science citoyenne

The world of fresh water science (limnology), or indeed science more broadly, is often considered one of exclusivity. Disciplines that are difficult to understand, take years of work to enter, and are concerned with lofty pursuits that do not connect with everyday life.

This is an unfortunate assumption, because science is the study of everyone and everything. It explores systems, places, and beings that are part of everyone’s daily existence, and results in findings that can affect us all. It is for that reason that there has been a growing movement within the scientific and limnology community to engage interested citizens in scientific concepts, processes, and data collection.

This is what we call citizen science.

Citizen science is particularly necessary when studying expansive watersheds, because there are so many spots across the basin that need to be studied and sampled, not all of which can be reached on a regular basis by researchers themselves. Imagine, therefore, an army of representatives from the public, dotted across a basin, who have basic training in collection methods, and can contribute to a large dataset, from their backyard.