Parution du n° 8 de Water Alternatives

5 octobre 2015
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Which risks get managed? Addressing climate effects in the context of evolving water-governance institutions
Ken Conca

Upgrading domestic-plus systems in rural Senegal: An incremental Income-Cost (I-C) analysis
Ralph P. Hall, Eric A. Vance and Emily van Houweling

Groundwater as a source of conflict and cooperation: Towards creating mutual gains in a Finnish water supply project
Kurki Vuokko and Katko Tapio

Vernacular knowledge and water management – Towards the integration of expert science and local knowledge in Ontario, Canada
Hugh Simpson, Rob de Loë and Jean Andrey

Brazil’s São Luiz do Tapajós Dam: The art of cosmetic Environmental Impact Assessments
Philip M. Fearnside

Virtual water and water footprints: Overreaching into the discourse on sustainability, efficiency, and equity
Dennis Wichelns