Water Innovation Europe 2018

26 avril 2018
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La route vers une société de l'eau intelligente: surmonter les défis de l'eau de l'avenir

In the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2018, the water crises rank for the 7th consecutive year among the top 5 global societal risks in terms of impact. The Water Crises are also closely interconnected with other major global risks such as the food crises and the failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation.

In its Water Vision ‘The Value of Water: Towards a European Future-Proof Water-Smart Society, WssTP has established a clear roadmap that shows how Europe can ensure availability of water for urban, agricultural, and industrial use and deal with the risks of increasing water scarcity, pollution of fresh water sources, and impacts of climate change by implementing 4 key innovation principles. Implementation of this model would also contribute to achieving the SDGs and the circular economy and strengthen Europe’s position in the global water market.