Water agencies

24 avril 2018
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The Water agencies are public agencies that report to the Ecology ministry. They execute public policy in conjunction with the basin committees.
The Water agencies provide financial and technical support for projects in the public interest, in favour of water and aquatic environments in each river basin. Their activities include efforts against water pollution, the protection and restoration of water resources (rivers, lakes, aquifers, coastal waters), the preservation of aquatic environments (continental and maritime), as well as the economic and sustainable management of water resources. Their role is to facilitate work in the public interest in their respective river basin (studies, research, installations, etc.). The Water agencies provide support, in the form of subsidies and advances, to local governments, industrial companies, farmers and environmental groups working to improve management of water resources and fight against pollution. The support is funded by the fees that they receive in the name of the principle that damages to the environment must be repaired.