7 mars 2019
Intitulé complet du projet
Sustainable Groundwater Management: A hydro-economic approach
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  • Gestion, usages et gouvernance : Analyse économique/gestion des services
  • Gestion de l'eau, gouvernance, société, économie : gestion durable gouvernance instruments économiques politiques publiques
Résumé du projet

This small-scale project GREEN-WATER aims at defining what could be a sustainable management of groundwater from a joint hydrogeological-economic approach in a context of competing demands from traditional sectors (agriculture, industry, urban water services) but also from other in-situ green demands (wetland, vegetation, fishing, recreation). The design of water policies requires to deal with different kind of space and time interactions; physical interactions when an increasing pumping from an aquifer leads to a reduction of river streamflow; economic interactions when agents create negative externalities on other agents; physical-economic interactions when several connected aquifers are managed by different authorities.

The project has the following two specific objectives:

(i) To advance the representation of aquifers-river interactions within hydro-economic
models for the case of a synthetic groundwater basin,
(ii) To develop an integrated framework for assessing the sustainability of water use
management and governance